With an imagination that values beauty as elegant, robust functionality, my work as a backcountry horseman and dog handling instructor naturally led me to creating my own rope equipment and technical apparel. As my craftsmanship improved I gained confidence in using my prototypes for work applications and in general became fascinated by the process of outdoor equipment design and development. In September 2016 I formed BESOTORO LLC to further develop my designs and to propose solutions to heighten and enrich our outdoor adventure functionality and creativity. 

My first BESOTORO project is to offer dog-handling and horse-handling rope products based on designs I've been testing and improving for years. The leashes and leads are ideal for working professionals and for those dedicated to a lifestyle of adventurous dog- or horse-keeping. They are designed and constructed to function wonderfully and endure rigorous adventuring. I personally manage this website and make each leash and lead to order from my workshop in rural New Hampshire. Developing a line of rugged field apparel is in the works for the future, starting with an effort to newly define everyday outdoor pants. 

What motivates me to develop this company is that although there's an abundance of outdoor equipment and apparel well-built for an amazing spectrum of outdoor activities, I feel that the essence of outdoor adventure thrives on fresh narratives for healthy evolution in a changing world. I am also excited by recent leaps in the development of new materials, such as fabrics, rope fibers, and hardware, which call for continual, fresh examination of current outdoor equipment and apparel design, construction, and production methods. 

Thanks for your interest in BESOTORO LLC!