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~CUSTOM DoG and Horse Handling Rope Equipment~


BESOTORO LLC proposes imaginative equipment designs for bio-connective outdoor work and recreation.

As of February, 2018 I am accepting custom orders. I will be updating the site to facilitate a smooth ordering process. 

BESOTORO LLC is currently a part-time, solo operation I've begun from my home workshop. I personally design and craft each product by hand, working to adapt to ongoing field tests and customer feedback. I personally manage this website, process orders, and fulfill shipping. It's really just me for now, but I will do my best to satisfy every customer. 

I've included details on each product page describing product features and design choices. Please CONTACT me with any questions about selecting a product that fits your need. If you are inspired by the product offerings, but don't see the specifications you need, CONTACT me to initiate a custom build. See CUSTOMER section for more information.